Pulper – Richburg

Under the direct supervision of the Production Supervisor, the Pulper performs all tasks involved in the production of the company’s products. The position follows standard work methods and practices. Pulp operators are expected to fully understand the pulping process and perform duties to ensure adequate pulp supply for the forming machines. The Pulper also ensures that all products are produced to the specified parameters, ensures targets and deadlines are achieved and complies with the company’s health and safety procedures.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ability to identify and sort different raw materials, such as different grades of recycled newsprint, white paper, and corrugated materials.
  • Accurately measuring and loading over 200 kgs of raw material multiple times per day.
  • Accurately measuring and loading chemical additives for each batch produced.
  • Understand and operate the controls of the pulping machine in multiple modes.
  • Effectively communicate with the forming operator throughout the shift.
  • Accurately maintain multiple logs (batch, equipment down time, etc.)
  • Always keep a safe and clean work environment.


* Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance available

* Paid vacation and sick leave

* Paid holidays

* Bonus potential available

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