Director of Social Media – Gilbert

In this role, the Director of social media will regularly evaluate Footprint’s online channels and content strategy, manage a large and growing paid social media budget, and work to prioritize investments of time and resources. The Director will develop overarching firm-wide campaigns to build awareness of Footprint to diverse new audiences. This role will play a key role in utilizing social media to optimize our content, and spread the word of all the great lengths Footprint is going to create a healthier planet. To be successful in this role, a candidate must have a passion for social media and a relentless thirst for telling a compelling brand story that drives engagement with employees and candidates, as well as industry audiences.


  • A Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree in Public Relations, Communication, Marketing or other related degree
  • Minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience in Social Media Strategy at an agency, social media platform, or Fortune 100 company
  • Demonstrated leadership & compelling achievements in both paid / non-paid social media strategy
  • Hardwired with the ability to understand the big picture as well as nuances of all social media platforms
  • An inspiring leader, able to embrace the ever-changing world of marketing, social media dynamics, who can instill confidence and pride in the work being done
  • A strategic mindset
  • Easily understand data and can relay back to the teams
  • Bubbling with creative ideas, coupled with an innate pragmatic ability to make things happen


  • Demonstrated ability to work closely with others
  • Affinity with data and the ability to understand social network algorithms to determine ROI to social media initiatives
  • Intimate knowledge of Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, TikTok, Clubhouse, YouTube
  • Work with C Suite, create content, determine communication strategy, brand and outreach for each member.


Create and deploy a content marketing strategy grounded in data, consumer insights and journeys, and build a marketing content pipeline that is contextually relevant, journey aligned, and can scale.

Editorial planning across all Footprint teams.

Develop digital ownership for assets such as video development/production for website, other use cases.

Utilize social media strategy across all channels and content needs which includes both organic/spontaneous and planned.

Engage with influencer to promote the brand.

Work on website editorial, design, and execution ownership.

Support a content marketing governance structure to assure organizational alignment and work cross-functionally to embed marketing content in campaign creation and channel optimization plans.

Develop an insight driven social media marketing strategy and channel optimization plan that enhances social channel performance and leverages marketing content.

Embed social media strategies in integrated marketing and communications plans and campaigns.

Advance division level social sophistication through deployment of best practice models, training programs and recommending needed social media infrastructures.

Leverage the full capabilities of the enterprise social media platform; monitor, track, analyze and report on division performance.

Turn insights into action and recommendations for improvements.

Monitor evolving market conditions, competitor performance, customer preferences, emerging technologies, social media metrics and relevant digital trends to enhance capabilities and inform strategies.

Manage social platform marketing and communication workflows, response, measurement and expectations for division teams and lead annual platform assessment to assure optimal tool adoption and performance.

Manage the website content and development.


  • Health Care Plans (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
  • 401(k)
  • Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)
  • Training & Development

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