What's Your Super Power?

At Footprint, we're looking for superheroes ready to save the world and leave no trace.

Join Us On Our Quest

We’re on a mission to reduce or eliminate plastic waste by providing sustainable solutions that offer alternatives to single- and short-term-use plastics. If you share our vision and want to help us reach our goal, check out our job openings below. 

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We've started a revolution to rid the world of plastics

Are you up to the challenge?


You are a critical thinker. You’re not afraid to question the status quo. You believe that good ideas spark innovation, and that technology should be used as an agent for change. You know you can make a difference.

Team Player

Your friends and family can always count on you to follow through. You believe there is no “I” in “Team.” You are reliable. You show up. You work hard. You pay attention to details. You meet deadlines.


When you care about something, you know you’ll do what it takes to make an impact. Your energy is a driving force. Whether you’re the star or playing a supporting role, you give it your all. 


You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. Your co-workers can depend on you to get the job done on time and on budget. You are committed to creating a sustainable world. You know you can make a difference.


You’ve seen the damage single-use plastics have done to our environment and you’ve had enough. You believe a team of like-minded individuals can make the world better by working together.


You’ve read the news and watched the videos. You’re ready to take action. You are committed to the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations.



About Us

At Footprint, we are eliminating plastics from our food and oceans by providing an alternative to single- and short-term-use plastics. Our products are made from bio-based, compostable, recyclable fibers that we design, develop and manufacture.

The Science

Footprint fiber technologies are unmatched in the fiber industry and designed to protect the environment. Footprint Barrier Technology™ protects against oil, water and oxygen. Our products are a microwave- and oven-safe alternative.

Footprint Foundation

Footprint Foundation, the nonprofit branch of Footprint, is dedicated to eliminating plastic pollution from the environment and educating people on the serious impact that plastic has on our planet and our bodies. Through education and target actions, we aim to inspire lasting change.